Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A year in review

I saw this idea on another friends blog (maybe some of you did too) and thought I'd try it out.

So yes, a year in review, this year has really taken our family all over the place, we've traveled, we've celebrated, we've welcomed home...

January--- We're half way through Nick's deployment to Iraq and I'm feeling nostalgic That and the boys are still boys and getting into TROUBLE

February---We pass our time just playing around

March & April---Not much blogging goes on...too busy keeping up with the boys I guess. On the flip side, we enjoy some of the best moments of our lives when Nick comes home on leave from Iraq

May---The Colorado sunshine comes out and we enjoy many days at the park

June--We start getting ready for Nick's homecoming, a big move and lots and lots of changes. And... what can I say, some days are just like this

July--I contemplate being lazy. Which is kind of ironic when I realize that we had just welcomed Nick home from Iraq, packed up our old house, moved into a new one, quit a job, said goodbye to everything familiar... oh and did I mention, becoming pregnant???

August--Family time begins as we settle into a new routine. Lots of family outings as we get acquainted with our new surroundings

September--My husband is amazing and appreciates me in a unique and thoughtful way. Boy, I love this man.

October-- A month full of day trips, amusing stories and pumpkins

November--We find out our next baby is a boy... and we smile at the thought

December-- I'm reminded of what little angels my boys are and how happy I am to be a mom!!

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