Saturday, January 10, 2009

Playing the piano: the aftermath

Here are my beautiful boys playing on my beautiful piano. From the angelic looks on their faces, you would never have guessed the busy and chaotic activities that occured just moments before.

1) Isaiah is potty training, hence the very cute blue underwear. Isaiah loves wearing his big boy underwear, but going to the potty, not so much. Isaiah, who had been accident free all morning, went upstairs and hid while I was talking to Daddy on the phone. Never a good thing. Although I had been keeping a close eye on him all morning, I got distracted and the inevitable happened!

2) Isaiah wet his pants all over the upstairs bathroom floor. While this always distressing, the nice thing about it is that there is tile floor in the bathroom which makes clean-up a bit easier.

3) Joshua can now climb the stairs faster than you can blink your eyes. Well, almost that fast. So in the seconds that I was distracted while talking to Daddy, not only did Isaiah make a mess on the floor in the bathroom, but Joshua also climbed the stairs to see what was going on.

4) Joshua, seeing a fun looking puddle on the floor, crawls right to it, and right through it. Of course, puddles are slippery, so Joshua slipped mid crawl, face first into the enormous puddle on the bathroom floor.

5) I arrive at the top of the stairs to see both boys soaked and needing complete linen changes. Sigh. I begin to start undressing the boys, and mopping the floor. I leave them in their underwear/diaper to finish talking with Daddy.

6) I finish the phone call with Daddy. I take these lovely pictures. I go upstairs to get the other laundry so that I can run a load of wet clothes. I come downstairs and apply dishsoap to a grease spot on a shirt (I'd been meaning to do this when I did laundry next, as dishsoap works amazingly well, even on dried in grease like this particular shirt). I head to the laundry room to run through the load.

7) I come out of the laundry room, to discover that I had left the dishsoap on the kitchen table and Isaiah had now discovered it. Although it had taken me only a few seconds (or at least it seemed this way) to run through the load, Isaiah had already climbed up onto his chair and squirted dishsoap all over the table.

8) Apparently I had been gone long enough for Isaiah to not only squirt dishsoap everywhere, but also play in it and rub it all over himself. Sigh.

9) The phone rings, I answer it. As I'm talking I bring Isaiah into the bathroom to wash his hands and chest. I get distracted on the phone. Isaiah begins smearing soap onto the bathroom cabinets and Joshua (who has now followed us into the bathroom).

10) Bathtime! Who gives their kids a bath in the middle of the day? I do, thats who. The good news is that I LOVE my boys. I LOVE their messes. I LOVE their curiousity. And I know that I will LOVE reading this story in their scrapbooks years from now. But right now... arg!!!


Grandma said...

It sounds like you had a fun day? The up side is that Isaiah did not put dishsoap on the piano or get any in Joshua's eyes, and that you are still smiling and enjoying your little boys.

Grandma said...

I just noticed Joshua's upper teeth. It makes him look so much more grown up! What a sweetie!

Rachael said...

Boys will be boys, right? I totally know what you mean and I only have one :) It is frustrating yet kind of humorous all at the same time, isn't it.

Hannah said...

Oh Kathryn, I can't imagine how much you wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! You are so awesome! Praying for you sis (in-law)! ~Hannah

Jack said...

Dear Sister,
I love your news, and your pictures (but Alex thinks that diaper pictures should be outlawed). Give your boys a kiss for me!

Melissa said...

It's amazing how quickly they can be into things. I'm amazed you're so calm about it. I wish I were better at staying calm on days like that. :)


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