Saturday, November 15, 2008


While mom was busy making artichoke dip the boys went on another exploration together. They discovered a thing called the "radio." I could almost hear their discussion on it.
Isaiah: "Look what I found, Josh!"
Joshua: "I wonder what it is??"
Isaiah: "Lets try pressing buttons until something happens"
Joshua: "Okay, can I push some buttons too?"
Isaiah: "Sure, Josh, just be careful"
Joshua: "This is pretty cool, I wonder if Mom knows it can make this much noise"
Isaiah: "Lets just lie here and listen to the music till she finds us"
Joshua: "Okay"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dinner Party

After we finished dinner and devotions this evening, I cleared the table and started working on the dishes. The boys were playing happily in the family room, or so I thought. I guess Josh wasn't quite finished eating, because he crawled back into the kitchen to work on the crumbs that had fallen on the floor. Fortunately for all of us, I had swept the floor earlier today while the boys were napping-- so the crumbs were slim picking.

Isaiah followed Josh into the kitchen, and seemed to think that Josh was playing "house." So he joined his younger brother under the table for a fun game. They played under the table for quite a while-- Josh searching for spare Cheerios and trying to climb up on chairs, and Isaiah trying to figure out how to avoid Mom and her camera. It was so sweet to seem them "playing" together.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A visit from cousin Kathleen

Joshua adoringly watching Kathleen


Isaiah and Kathleen


Our cousin Kathleen (Marcie's sister) also came out for the weekend, making the gingerbread party extra special. It had been over a year since we last saw Kathleen, so it was really nice to see her and catch up. We enjoyed Christian fellowship, good food and long talks mingled with play time with the boys. Isaiah and Joshua really enjoyed spending time with Kathleen. Joshua couldn't help but look up at his beautiful cousin with looks of admiration. Isaiah quickly created a special bond with Kathleen, and within moments it was as though they had been friends all their lives. It was so sweet to see Isaiah reach up and grab her hand, or snuggle into her lap without a second thought.

Gingerbread Party

Our housemate, Marcie, had a birthday this past week, so we decided to celebrate with a gingerbread party. We invited a group of friends over for the special occasion. Each guest was given a handmade gingerbread house (a la Marcie) to decorate with bright and colorful candy designs. Isaiah got his own house to decorate as well. He came downstairs after his nap with a look of amazement. At first it seemed that he thought, "So this is what the grown-ups do when I'm in bed." But the shock quickly turned to awe "Is Mom really going to let me loose with this much candy around??" It was so precious, and I think it resembled the way most of us adults felt initially too. With the table covered with bowls of candy of every kind, cups of frosting, and gingerbread galore, it was hard not to feel excited at the prospects of decorating (and eating) these lovely houses!

The birthday guests

Isaiah, just waking up from his nap

Decorating in action

Almost done

The finished product *note Isaiah cannot take his eyes off his gingerbread house*

Monday, November 3, 2008

Potty training

Potty training, thats the phrase for the day. I've said the phrase countless times today, and now Isaiah is running around saying it as well. Although...sigh... he doesn't really seem to be getting its full import. All day we have been unsuccessful in our mission! It appears that to him, potty training means sitting on the potty reading books, forget actually DOING anything in the potty. I'm trying not to feel too discouraged, but I was hoping that we'd at least have ONE successful trip to the bathroom by now.

I've been setting the timer, and putting him on his little potty chair every 30 minutes. He is more than happy to oblige. We read a book, or sit quietly. He gets rewards for dry underwear and for sitting on the potty. I was planning on increasing the rewards for success, but it hasn't happened yet!! He is wearing real underwear, so he feels wet. I'm pushing fluids so he needs to go often. It seems like everything should be going well, but there is some kind of disconnect when he sits on the potty. Like its just a neat little chair where mom spoils him with attention...

Its been a very tiring morning, and I was very thankful when naptime arrived and I could put the diaper back on.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bathtime fun

Splish! Splash!

Please don't come and get me
I'm having grandest time
Splishin and a splashin
Feeling mighty fine
Love it when my face is wet
When curls are dripping dry
What a great sensation
Time it surely flies

Ruba dubba dubba
Splashing in my tub
Mama don't you worry
I promise you I'll scrub
When I am all finished
I'd like a mud puddle please
Anything to get back in
Life is sure a breeze

Feel a little sleepy
But I don't really care
When I wake up in the morning
My bathtub will be here

Morning, noon or night time
any time is okay
Just get me to my bathtub
the best time of my day


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