Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was such a day of anxious anticipation. Finally, the phone rang and I heard his voice on the line. "I'm almost home, Dear," he said. I loaded the boys up into the car, packed snacks, and the double stroller and off we went to the airport. The boys and I were able to go through security with a special priority gate pass for families of deployed soldiers.

We made our way to the gate where he would arrive. What teary and excited moments they were as we waited. Off in the distance, we saw his plane taxiing up to gate. I started crying as soon as I saw the plane. Almost home. Almost here. Almost face to face. Almost in my arms. He was almost home.

After a few more moments, passengers and crew began to disembark the plane. We waited and waited. A handful of soldiers came off the plane, but our's was not with them. We waited some more. Then finally we saw him...

Isaiah called out "Oh, Hi Daddy!!" The sound of his sweet voice made our hearts burst! His nonchalant manner was quite endearing, as if to say "Oh hi Dad, I've been waiting for you. I've got so much to tell you, and so many toys to show you, and so many questions to ask of you. Oh hi Dad, its great to see you."

He made it! He was here! The tears truly overflowed and we enjoyed some of the very happiest moments of our lives. We were together again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

That wind blown look

Every year, the change of season from winter to spring is marked by warm, sunny days, offset with severe winds. Such was this day at the park; too beautiful, sunny, and warm to stay indoors, but then too bitingly windy to truly enjoy it outdoors. The boys were real troopers though, and seemed quite glad to get outside and enjoy the park. The park is a short walk from our house, so its good all around-- mom gets the exercise of pushing the double stroller, and hauling the boys around the play equipment, and the boys get to ride swings and slides to their hearts content. It seemed like the perfect photo op as well, if you like "that wind blown look" of course. :)


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