Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching up!

So... its time to do a quick catch-up. This is a very edited version of the month of March... but thats the way it is.

The weather was chilly through most of March... but we still played at the park whenever it was sunny. On days when the sun was shining, the boys would look outside all morning, and ask, "Is it warm enough to go outside yet???" The sun can be so deceiving to little boys-- it screams warm weather, but it can still be pretty COLD out.

Along with playing at the park...

my church threw me a lovely baby shower. What a wonderful church family we have. It was so special to be thought of and spoiled like this!! And for those of you that have kids, especially 3 of a kind, it is so wonderful to have some new things for the third one (as opposed to all those good hand me downs).

We also enjoyed a short break from Nick's rigorous grad school classes, when the students were all given "Spring Recess." And yes, this is in addition to Spring Break!!

So, we got up early and went out for breakfast

And then made our way to the incredible St Louis Arch

It is even more amazing in person. We were able to take a "tram" ride up to the top and enjoyed looking out and seeing St Louis from a different perspective. Lots of fun for all, although Josh was not to sure about the tram ride up... :)
Following our expedition to the Arch, we went to the beautiful and amazing St Louis Galleria and shopped till we dropped. Okay. We didn't really spend too much time shopping, but it was so nice to see real stores with real quality things in them (the town we live in has a Wal-mart and a Goodwill as far as shopping goes).
For lunch we went to my favorite, The Cheesecake Factory, and loaded up on fattening (but oh so delicious) desserts. Oh boy do I love cheesecake!!

Next we headed to The Children's Museum for the boys to run around and explore for awhile. In the picture, Nick and Isaiah are fixing a tire in the auto repair shop they have set up for kids. (probably the boys favorite exhibit at the Museum).


We also had days like this... that required a hot bath and lots of soap...


And the boys took "swimming" in the couch cushions to a whole new level, and started riding the "jet ski" as well.

The boys spent a lot of days "on the construction site"--- meaning, working hard at the kinds of things little boys do, like pushing trucks around.


Towards the end of the month, Nick had his official "Spring Break" and we (mostly Nick) put some hours into organizing the garage and getting ready for our move this summer. We pulled out a few "baby toys" which as it turns out, "big boys" can't resist either. They both took turns playing in this one. Ah well... it kept them busy and we knew where they were... and best yet, they LOVED it.
These last few pictures were taken earlier this week, when the weather turned from cool to HOT. I pulled out the boys sand toys and let them go to town with a bucket of water (a little too early in the season for the swimming pool). And go to town they did. There is just something about splashing and playing and scooping and pouring water that is just so much fun!!

And that about sums up the month. Lots of fun. Lots of places. Lots of laughs. Yay for the month of March!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


If only this picture meant that I've been spending my days with my feet up, sipping raspberry lemonade, and reading till my hearts content. As you guessed, it doesn't. But... I will say, that despite how busy things have been around here, and the great lack of sitting still for any length of time, this picture was taken of a happy occasion. Its proof. Proof that despite being 36 weeks pregnant and feeling huge, I'm still painting my own toe nails.
Thankfully, I'm still feeling quite well. Sure, I'm a bit uncomfortable at times, and my husband has noted that I do "waddle" on occasion, but overall I'm feeling great. The Lord has blessed me with very few side effects/symptoms during the last trimester, and here I am at 36 weeks with NO HEARTBURN and NO SWELLING in my ankles?!?!?! Wow!
I am ready for this little guys arrival though. The last month is always the hardest and feels the longest. On the plus side, I've been having lots of "pre-labor" contractions, sometimes for a few hours at regular intervals, and other times just single hard contractions that stop me in my tracks-- but as all pre-labor contractions they stopped and didn't produce a baby. I did deliver before my due date with both boys (Isaiah at 39 weeks, Joshua at 38 weeks), so we'll see if our third boy follows suit. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Regardless, my body is definitely getting ready. I'll be "full term" next week (37 weeks) and have the official go ahead (from a medical perspective) to have this baby.
Now... it'd be nice to think... that maybe after the baby arrives I'll get the chance to put my feet up and drink lemonade... but something tells me things are only going to get busier for a while. Afterall, we're having a baby, Nick's graduating, and we're moving cross country--- all before the summer arrives. But thats a good thing. And I love these sorts of things. Don't get me wrong, I love relaxing... but probably more so, I love challenges and hard work. It makes the down times so much more fulfilling.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The boys latest thing is to "go swimming." This entails taking off their shirts and jumping in and out of blankets and couch cushions just like you would if you were swimming. Obviously.
Enjoy these pictures of the boys kicking back and relaxing at the pool-side.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Street Sweepers

Mrs Street, a woman from our church, is in the hospital after the Dr's found cancer on her colon. She had surgery on Monday and is now beginning the recovery process. Abdominal surgeries can be the most painful and patients often spend a week in the hospital. We're been praying for her regularly.

Yesterday Nick went up to visit her after school/work and gave us an update when he got home. Then, at dinner, we remembered her in prayer. As Nick was asking Isaiah to pray for Mrs Street, the comical nature of raising little boys quickly surfaced:

Nick: "Isaiah, can you pray for Mrs Street tonight?"

Isaiah, obviously not quite hearing Nick correctly, responded:

"Sure, Daddy. Can I pray for the street sweepers too?"

Isaiah must have thought it was just a GREAT idea to pray for the street, after all, this is where the cars, trucks, fire engines drive! Why not pray for the street sweepers too?? Once we explained, he prayed for Mrs Street.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Play place humor

Today was a gorgeous MO day! After running a million errands, the boys and I treated ourselves to chocolate sundaes at the park. When the boys had successfully donned the chocolate mustaches and sticky hands, they took off to play on the slides, swings and jungle gyms.

A little girl who was also playing at the park, became quite enamored with Joshua, and started following him around and pointing and saying, "Baby! Baby!"

Joshua, who is usually so easy going, and loves playing with kids at the park, said, "No! Not BABY!" and then pointed at himself and said emphatically, "JOSHUA!!!!" The little girls mom and I cracked up. Not only has the literal phase begun, but I guess there is nothing quite as insulting to a little "big boy" than to be called a baby. :) You tell them, Josh!! Afterall, you're right, you ARE Joshua!! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Boy

My "baby" Joshua celebrated his 2nd birthday on February 21st.

Oh how fast they grow!

2 days old

2 years old

Indeed, how fast they grow! What an eventful 2 years its been! It's hard to believe that the sweet round cherub that came into the world 2 years ago, is now running and talking. It's amazing to see the changes in the course of a few years. His language and vocabulary are probably the most amazing of all. For being a quieter younger brother most of his life, in the last 3 months his vocabulary has multiplied by the hundreds. And all those words we knew he had in him, started coming out in sentences. Wow!!

A few other unique skills before he turned 2:

  • he learned how to count to 12 (without my (intentional) assistance!!)

  • he learned to pray (usually something like this, "Dear God, Thank-you food. Jesus. Daddy. Mommy. Isaiah. Joshua. Baby. In Jesus name, Amen")

  • he shredded apart his beloved yellow blanket and carries shards around the house

  • he discovered his pockets (and so far as not put anything ALIVE in them, but likes to hide favorite toys

  • he learned all his colors

  • he sleeps in a bunk bed

  • he can identify most of the letters of the Alphabet, with "W" being his personal favorite.

  • he can do his chores (clearing his plate from the table, cleaning up his toys, and throwing away dirty diapers)

Oh what a man

Yesterday, my husband came home from work with these:

and these:

(yes, those are Lindt truffles)

It was such a thoughtful thing for him to do. I was having a bit of an "off" day (just a few more pregnant weeks left!) was feeling unproductive and discouraged. Shouldn't I start nesting soon, and have all these spurts of energy and times of great productivity?? My husband's loving gesture and encouraging words were just what I needed.

In fact, today has been amazing! By God's grace

I woke up before the boys, felt completely rested and had time to pray and exercise in peace.

I cleaned the fridge, reorganized the freezer, made 2 lasagnas and cleaned the kitchen (twice).

I swept (twice), cleaned the spare bedroom and put fresh linens on the guest bed.

I updated my blog (yes, I think thats 4 new posts??), responded to long lost emails and mailed some important mail.

I prayed and did my devotions.

I played with the boys for hours and was able to take them outside (!!!) to play for the first time in a long time (it was 50 degrees out today!! Of course with the wind chill it was only 30, but oh well, the sun was shining!!)

All this to say, if you have the chance to do something thoughtful and considerate for another person, do it. It is one of the best feelings to know that you are loved. It lifts a mood. It makes your heart smile. It's the best.

February Books

In my attempts to read at least a book a week, I'm still on track.
In February I read:
  1. The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
  2. Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis
  3. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis
  4. Withhold Not Correction by Bruce Ray
  5. Leviticus and Numbers from the Bible

January Books

In my goal to read more this year (I'm aiming for a book a week), I thought it'd be fun to post a picture of the books I read each month. I'm hoping it will not only keep me on track, but also serve as a nice reminder of being a book worm again. I am rediscovering my love for reading!Obviously I should have posted this about a month ago, but probably you have already noticed I've been neglecting my blog lately. Anyway.

In January I read:

  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  2. Your Signature Life by Diane Booher
  3. The Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis
  4. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
  5. The books of Genesis and Exodus in the Bible.


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