Friday, January 15, 2010


Along with a thoughtful letter, I received this picture in the mail from my grandparents last week. I thought it was such a clever picture! My grandma (Oma) taking pictures of the black bears on one of their many adventures.
My grandparents (Pake and Oma) have captured many amazing things with their camera's over the years. Usually it was Pake behind the lense of his incredible camera, but in recent years Oma has gone to town with her camera too. I wish I had copies so I could post the pictures they've taken of sunsets, wild animals, flower gardens, grandchildren... to name a few.
Some of my favorite pictures are from their world travels. My grandparents enjoy traveling and have quite literally been all over the world. (China & Africa are just a few that come to mind, but I'd venture to say that they have been to most of the 50 states, all over Canada and Europe, and wasn't there a trip to Antartica not so long ago, as well??). As they go, they enjoy the beauty of God's creation, take pictures, and journal about their travels.
As a little girl, I remember being amazed with all the places they'd been and all the pictures they'd taken. I loved when they would come visit and show slides of their travels on our living room wall. I still remember how much we looked forward to seeing their pictures... and the disappointment when we reached the last slide and the show was over!! :)
Pictures... what a wonderful way to capture moments and memories.

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