Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cell phones

While talking on the phone with my sister Jennifer, Joshua quite rudely interrupted the conversation. Apparently the cell phone was just too tasty to ignore!! Both of our boys have always been very interested in phones. From the time Isaiah was little, he loved chewing, playing, and of course pressing buttons on the phone. As he got older he started to enjoy yelling "Hello!!" when the phone would ring, and then began to love talking on the phone itself. Joshua is also showing early interest!
However, in this age of technology, where even 2nd graders have their own cell phones, I wonder what I'm setting my boys up for? I understand the benefits of cell phones--its great to be able to make and receive calls regardless of where you are. But I also recognize that despite the conveniences, there are certainly some down sides. Cell phones are often too convenient and keep us from planning ahead. Instead of making a good shopping list, I can call home to see whats in the fridge. Instead of taking a map or looking up directions, I can call when I get lost. It is definitely a convenience, and those are all reasons why I like to have a cell phone, but I just can't buy into 7 and 8 year old's (or even 13 and 14 year old's), having their own cell phones. Maybe I'm just not up to date enough myself, or maybe I fear that we're setting up our children for a lifetime of poor organization and laziness.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A beautiful hike on a beautiful day

A happy group

At the top (we don't look too warn out, do we??)

Marcie and a sleepy Joshua

This past weekend, Marcie and I decided to make use of the gorgeous weather-- so we headed up the mountain to enjoy God's beautiful creation and get some exercise while we were at it. I had been putting off hiking for quite some time, not because I dislike it (I love hiking!!), but because of the logistics of bringing two little boys along for the ride. However, it being such a fine October day, and being well aware of the fact that there might not be too many more 75 degree Saturdays, we had to least make an attempt!!

So off we went. Marcie carried Joshua in the front carrier/pack, and I carried Isaiah in the Kelty backpack (thank you, Frits and Annemiek!!). It was quite a workout. I think we hiked roughly 3 miles, maybe a little more, but with us each touting 25+ pounds of chunky children, it was some good exercise for sure! We really enjoyed it. The mountains were alive with fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and green. It was so beautiful! The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork-- Psalm 19:1

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A trip to the pumpkin patch

On a bright sunny morning last week, we loaded the boys up into the car, complete with matching outfits (striped shirts and blue jeans), and made our way to the pumpkin patch for some great family pictures. We had a delightful time! Joshua especially seemed right at home amongst the pumpkins (I'm not drawing any comparisons, of course!) I think we will head out there every year, as the pictures are just too sweet.

Catching up

This last week has been very busy. And, as usual during a busy week, the day to day maintenance of my home has been neglected. Mail, laundry, and general cleanliness piled up until there is nothing left to do but work excessively until everything is back where it should be. At least thats how I handle it. :) I'm an organizer, a tidy-upper, and I never feel quite right unless my house is somewhat orderly. I'm just about at an orderly point now, so I'm breathing a sigh of relief as normalcy (whatever that is) has returned.
Despite the messy house, the week was filled with many exciting happenings that I wouldn't trade for anything: new tires for the car, a visit from Grandma, first tooth for our 7 month old, late nights at work, competitive games of "Snatch" and "Boggle, a trip to the pumpkin patch, new (scratchy) uniforms at work, visits from old (and new) friends, and some great aerobic DVD's from the library.

Isaiah and Grandma reading a new "I Spy" book

Jim tickling Isaiah

Joshua learning how to get up on all fours, he'll take off any day now...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Precious moments with Josh

This afternoon, while Isaiah was having his nap, Joshua and I spent a few precious moments together. Joshua, happy and cheerful, was gurgling and babbling to himself while rolling around on the floor. I just had to stop what I was doing, and get down on the floor with him. I love times like this: when you just soak up the sweetness and beauty of your child.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lord's good gift

Joshua 7 months

Isaiah 2 years

Last night as I was singing Isaiah's bedtime song, from Psalm 127, I felt a bit teary as I got to the verse that says "Lo, children are the Lord's good gift, rich payment are mens son's..." My boys are my good gift from the Lord, and what a precious gift they are! Raising them presents many challenges and frustrations, and there are days when I feel ready to give up, but I am reminded of the Lord's promises every evening when I sing with them before bed...

Psalm 127A
Except the Lord shall build the house, the builders lose their pain
Except the Lord the city keep, the watchmen watch in vain
Tis vain for you to rise be times, or late from rest to keep
To eat the bread of toil, for so he gives his loved ones sleep.
Lo, children are the Lord's good gift, rich payment are mens' son's
The sons of youth as arrows are in hands of might ones.
Who has his quiver filled with these, oh happy shall he be!
When foes they greet within the gate, they shall from shame be free.

Shop till I drop

Today Marcie, Isaiah, Joshua and I went to the mall! I officially reached my pre-pregnancy weight and I was able to convince Nick that a shopping spree was in order. :) It wasn't hard to win him over, as he loves for me to do nice things for myself. And I like to do nice things for myself too, only it seems that I just don't do it very often. Especially when it comes to buying new clothes. I do love to have new things, but I'm such a bargain hunter that I typically just buy things off the clearance rack or garage sales or thrift stores. While it is great to shop the sales (and I do LOVE a good sale), today I went shopping just to get what I wanted. No limiting myself to clearance racks. It was great! Kind of scary, but great. When is the last time I bought an article of clothing merely because it fit and I liked it??? I, of course, did keep track of my spending and stayed within the determined budget, but it was very exciting to buy some new things without humming and hawing over the fact that they weren't on sale.
The boys made the shopping trip even more "exciting," although I should say that pushing the double stroller between racks and shelves was an adventure in itself. The boys did cut the trip a little shorter than I would have liked, but oh well, that means we'll have to go again... :)


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