Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making "yunch"

While his dear mother was changing sheets, making beds, folding laundry and cleaning bathrooms upstairs, Isaiah was busy preparing a meal of lint covered goldfish in the kitchen downstairs. I always know that when the house gets quiet, there could be trouble lurking around the corner. This time, I was pleasantly surprised to come into the kitchen to discover that is was just Isaiah "make-in yunch, Mom." He looked so pleased with himself, sorting and collecting goldfish crackers. What fun it is to feel like a big kid, and be hard at work helping your mom do something she dreads. Oh how I love my little Isaiah. What a treasure he is, and what happiness he brings to my life. I love you Isaiah!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A night in the country

This past Saturday the boys, Marcie, my college friends, Johnna and Rachel, and I headed out for a night on the... well... country. :) We drove east of the city to enjoy a Barn Dance in Elbert. The hosts own 80 acres of land and have a stunning home, making it the perfect location for a country party. The evening was filled with fun, including a live band, square and line dancing, hayrides, and lots of good food. Isaiah had a great time! He danced the hokey pokey country style on his own, and entertained everyone on the sidelines by singing "pok-ee, pok-ee" and attempting to put his right arm in and his right arm out. Joshua smiled at everyone and brought general delight to the evening. My college friends were able to meet some real cowboys and cattle ranchers, and feel like Colorado really is the place where "the buffalo roam." Marcie and I caught up with some backpacking friends (Jim Knox and Anna Funke) as well. WE had a great time are were so glad we went to experience this fun event!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading books

Before Isaiah could even walk, he loved to read books. Convinced that he would be a child prodigy, I read books to him from his infancy on and something clearly caught on. While my first few attempts at reading to him entailed chewing on book corners and drooling on the pages (like Joshua does now) he still seemed to enjoy it. Then came the phase where he'd read books to himself, in his own language no less. Now Isaiah chooses his own books from the library and proudly carries them to the front desk to get checked out. At home, Isaiah grabs his favorite book from the coffee table, climbs into your lap dragging his blanket behind, and announces, "books" "read books." His favorite book seems to be Richard Scarry (as shown in the picture), especially when his dear cousin Marcie reads it to him. He loves to point at the pictures and tell you what the different objects are. I'm so thankful for Isaiah's love of books, and can just imagine him directing his younger sibling to sit on his lap while he reads the book himself.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two peas in a pod

My sweet little boys seem to enjoy each other more every day. Isaiah has grown up drastically when it comes to relating to his younger brother. For the first several months of Joshua's life, it seemed that Isaiah didn't even recogize Josh as a real person-- he would step on Joshua if he was playing on the floor (ouch!!) or in his way, and would often just yell "Noooo!!" Excitingly, in the last few weeks Isaiah has finally started to see Joshua as a human being. Now Isaiah does things like purposefully walking around Joshua, patting him on the head, saying "Hi bab-ee" and even sitting down to play toys with Joshua. It warms my heart to see them having fun together! My prayer is that they will continue to build their relationship and be two peas in a pod. :)

A walk on the wild side... sort of

I guess if starting my own blog is a "walk on the wild side" my life must be pretty mundane...
But something tells me after a few posts that tell stories of Isaiah and Joshua eating blocks together (as pictured on the left)... or Nick's many work related adventures... or Kathryn burning dinner while trying to format this page... we'll be able to deduce that life is anything but boring in our house. Yet whatever deductions are made after viewing this blog, one thing is certain: our family's daily happenings are the events that have, and will continue to, shape our existence. The Lord has been so good to our family. He has provided and protected us through every season of life. We truly have been blessed exceeding abundantly, beyond all we could ask or think.


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