Saturday, May 16, 2009

The yellow dump truck

The story of the yellow dump truck

The week before Grandma arrived, Isaiah and I were talking about Grandma's upcoming
visit. At one point in the conversation he said, "...and Grandma will bring a dump truck." As though this is what grandmother's always bring when they come to visit their 2 year old grandson's, like the dump truck was an essential for traveling, as much as a toothbrush and toothpaste. I relayed the dump truck comment to Grandma, who quickly relayed it to Grandpa, and the two of them quickly went shopping. :) (was I ever spoiled like this???) I still don't know how she fit it in her suitcase, but I must say that however much reorganizing or wrinkled clothes it caused, it was worth it! Isaiah was so excited! He drove the truck around in awe, and is still pushing it around the house!! I can just imagine him thinking, I'm so glad Grandma remembered her dump truck. Thanks Grandma!!

Out in the sunshine!

My mom and her camera visited at the beginning of May. :) Hence these gorgeous pictures of me and the boys at on our way to the park. My mom is especially gifted behind the lense and she took some fantastic photo's of the boys while she was here. I really like these shots on our way to the park one day, the sky is just so blue!!

Mother's Day

As you know, Mother's Day was this past Sunday. Even though "mothering" is what I do 24 hours a day, the thought did not even cross my mind that I would benefit or receive some of the perks of Mother's Day. Crazy I know, but true. I thought about my mom, and my mother-in-law, and even different women I know who are wonderful mothers. But I was so so so shocked to receive a gorgeous Mother's Day bouquet myself, and to receive a love note from my husband thanking me for the work I do everyday for the boys. Wow!
How amazing to be thanked for doing the job I am so THANKFUL to do. How wonderful to receive gifts and praise for something that is already a gift itself. I am so thankful to be a mom, to care for two of the sweetest little rascals in the world. I love to see them learn and grow: to toddle around on wobbly legs, or recite The Lord's Prayer without prompting; to see them watching Sesame Street in Spanish because I didn't realize they had changed the channel by accident, or watch them splash in mud puddles and romp around the yard like this is what they were born to do. There are so many joys and delights! Yes, it may be a lot of work, but its a job I wouldn't trade for anything. I thank the Lord for giving me these precious gifts and the opportunity to raise and nuture them in the ways of the Lord. Thank you, Lord, for my children!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy celebrated a birthday just last week. In order to boost his spirits and send a special birthday message, the boys and I decided to send him some pictures via email. I wrote out the sign and the boys got all excited and Isaiah pranced around saying, "Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!" So then I realized that the camera card was full, so I spent a few moments deleting pictures to make room for some new ones (arg!) and by this time the boys were less than thrilled to pose for pictures and send Dad their love. So I had to appease them with pretzel sticks and be content with these "candid" bunch of pictures where they are never looking at the same time, forget smiling or looking happy!! BOYS!!! Can't you just smile and say cheese???? I think Daddy appreciated it regardless, it made him feel more at home, where the boys just want to do their own thing... :)

Asian Chicken Salad

Lately the boys really like helping out in the kitchen. I love it when they "help" me although their "help" is not always "helpful" if you catch my drift. :) I still find it so sweet when Isaiah pipes up, "I want to cook, Mommy" or "I want to help, Mommy" I love to their eagerness to participate. And I simply love the looks of delight as they shook the sesame seeds into this delicious Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

1/2 cup rice vinegar
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup oil
1T sugar
2t fresh grated ginger
2T crushed red pepper flakes
3T sesame oil
Mix these ingredients together to form dressing

Then prepare
12 oz angel hair pasta cooked and drained
1/2 cup chopped green onion
2 cups cooked cubed chicken
1 cup fresh snow peas

Add dressing to above mixture and chill, top with toasted sesame seeds before serving


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