Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Angels

These are the boys who smile like little angels, who beam innocently at their mother, and grin in delight. These are my boys.

These are also the boys that "washed" each others hair with hand soap one evening while we entertained guests. Playing a little too quietly upstairs, the "suspicious mom" in me quickly ran to check, and discovered not only soap in their hair, but also on their clothes, the mirror, and in their eyes. Things changed from quiet to loud quite suddenly.

So into the bath we put them, to wash all the tear causing soap. After making sure they were settled, we hurried back downstairs to bid our friends farewell. In the moments we were gone we heard laughter and glee, and our stomachs sank. Before we even arrived back upstairs we knew what it meant. And as we suspected, these "little angels" had been at work again. Water covered the floor, the bathmat, and everything around them.

Yes. These are the faces of my little angels.


Grandma said...

Hello little angels! I see you are just as angelic as your mother and uncles and aunts used to be. It must be part of that inquisitive nature....what if we.....? We hope your parents enjoy the days when the challenges are relatively easy!

Dolly said...

Well, at least you have a clean bathroom floor now right? :-)


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