Thursday, November 19, 2009


The smile on my husband's face matched my own as I greeted him at the door. He carried a handful of shining roses, kissed me, and smiled again. It was a day of many smiles.

Earlier that morning, I had made the 2 hour drive to the hospital for the "big" ultrasound. As I lay there, excited and perhaps a little nervous, I smiled. Today I would see the sweet child that moves within my womb. In a few moments, we would discover it's gender, it's health, and it's growth. I smiled.

As we started the ultrasound, the baby kicked and squirmed. A lively little one to join our family. After measuring the heart, head, and spine, I was assured of the baby's well being and appropriate development. Is it not amazing that a child can grow so perfectly and safely inside? I marveled at the wisdom and handiwork of our Creator. And I smiled again, and in truth, I held back tears. Thank you, Lord, for this precious life that grows within me.

As we continued to assess the baby, it also became quite obvious that this healthy little one was a boy. A tear slid down the corner of my eye. And I smiled. A boy!! Another sweet boy to join our other two. A round little cherub to be added to our family. A boy!! Perhaps it was not what I was expecting, but there was no disappointment in my heart or mind. And these were not tears of sadness... only tears of joy. A healthy little boy was given to us by God, and what an incredible gift it is. I smiled again.

When we were done, I smiled as I walked across the hospital for my Dr appt. I tried calling my husband, but received no answer. Finally, after a blood draw, stepping on the dreaded scale, and reading aimlessly in the waiting room, my phone rang.

The waiting room, though full, was quiet. My phone disturbed the silence and every face turned to look at mine. While it was news I wanted to first share with my husband, I had no choice but to share it with 15 bystanders as well. I quickly relayed to my husband his success in creating another man-child to join our clan. The smiles across the waiting room were contagious as everyone eagerly eavesdropped. But more than that, I could feel my husband smile through the phone. I sensed the excitement in his voice and the glint in his eye. "WOW!! A BOY!! THREE BOYS!!" We smiled at each other, despite the distance.

And I smiled most of my 2 hour drive home. Three boys! Wow is right!

Later at home that evening, after the roses had been arranged, and our children in bed, we pondered over what three boys meant and how our lives would change. What does a house with three little boys look like? And what about the grocery bill? the pictures? the activity level? Despite a few overwhelming thoughts, we smiled together. Rich payment are men's sons (Psalm 127).

I admit, that we also pondered the lack of pink dresses and doll houses in our home. But we didn't contemplate too long. The thought of 3 boys filled us with joy. Truly, our cups overflowed as we considered our children; the bonds they will share, the trouble they will get into, the mischievious grins and the leadership and loyalty they already exhibit. Oh how we love our boys!! While we do not know what the future holds, it is clear for now that we were meant to parent boys. And we smile at the thought.


Grandma said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! I'm smiling but I must admit I'm a little misty eyed as well. Three boys. Three blessings from above! Thank you Lord!

The Eskestrands said...

Oh yeah!! Another boy! Isn't it so exciting? Congratulations!

TJ said...

What a sweet way to catch up with you! I don't look at FB and yet the Lord led me to look at yours. Congratulations guys! Praising the Lord, and smiling with you! TJ

Rachael said...

Since you are experienced at being a mom of 2 boys and now a third, I may be emailing you for assistance when I need some guidance to how to handle 2 boys :) They are such a wonderful blessing, aren't they. So happy for you guys!!


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