Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the river

Sunday afternoon, after church and naps, Nick, the boys and I headed off to the park. Being new to the area, we weren't sure what to expect of the town park, but we were amazed!! This must be one of the most beautiful spots around. I'm so glad that we like exploring!! We found a nice hiking path that led us down to the waters edge. It was an ideal spot for little boys, as the water was no more than 6 inches deep all the way across and there were PLENTY of rocks for throwing and splashing.
We put out the picnic blanket on the edge of the river bank and ate a simple meal with the sound of rushing water in the background. Oh, how I love the sound of water! It was such a treat to put our feet into the cool fresh water, and splash around to our hearts content. The boys threw rocks and attempted to get giardia by drinking river water... boys will be boys I guess!!! :) Nick attempted to teach Isaiah how to skip rocks on the water, but its kind of an advanced technique for a 2 year old :)
It was such a pleasant afternoon. It was one of those days where your heart just bursts with thankfulness-- the beauty of creation, the handiwork of our God in making the water flow, the grass green, the rocks splash, and then giving us such sweet enjoyment and pleasure in these things. Wow!! So I had to say outloud "Thank you, Lord!!" My sweet little Isaiah echoed my words with some of his own, "Thank you, Lord for the water, and for the ROCKS!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Kathryn, that was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such beauty of God's creation and the beauty of your heart!


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