Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Piano man

Recently I started teaching the boys a few things on the piano. They have always loved tinkering away on it, so why not show them a few notes and songs? The main one we've been working on is "The Middle C song." Isaiah does a great job finding the notes and singing the songs, but Joshua was much more uncertain. Until today.

Clearly satisfied with his own expertise, he started playing with his eyes closed!! I know I close my eyes on occasion when I really get into a particular piece (so that I can feel the music flow through me and to completely enjoy the beauty of the sound), but it still surprised me to see him do the same. Maybe Josh is onto something. :)

Joshua transposed the Middle C song into a different key ;)

Look at those big hands?!?!? My one year old could be the next Czerny!! (a less famous child prodigy who possessed an enormous stretch from small finger to thumb)

Maybe we'll have a house full of musicians. :)

While I was busy working in the kitchen, I heard music coming from the living room, turned around to see JOSHUA at the piano, playing away. And I'll tell you, he just went to TOWN!! He played and played and played. And I do mean played. Sure it wasn't a specific song, but it wasn't banging and pounding either. He carefully pressed individual notes, with individual fingers, as though inspecting the sound to see what and how he liked it best. It was so sweet!


Jack said...

My brilliant nephew. I LOVE HIM! Some of my students transpose things as well. Inadvertantly. While everyone else is playing in a different key. I'm glad to see that Josh only does transposed solos.

Grandma said...

Great job little music man! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Love you!


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