Friday, January 29, 2010


This week has been such a busy one, but such a wonderful week at that. The Lord is so gracious and truly His mercies are new every morning.

It started on Monday, with a phonecall. A phonecall I had been wishing and hoping for for weeks, even months! Out of the many (many!!) people I had called, and voicemails I had left, someone finally responded to my message and called me back. She listened patiently while I explained the story of my OB/GYN care (no room for me on the Army post, no OB/GYN's in a 35 mile radius who would see me and deliver VBAC's, and the current 2 hour drive to a University hospital that offers VBAC's). She listened without interruption. She took notes and phone numbers.

Then this kind-hearted soul, Miss Jeffries, pulled all the strings (the same ones that I had been trying to pull but was unsuccessful), made many phone calls (the same ones I had tried making but came up empty handed), and then called me a second time to tell me that everything had been arranged for me to deliver our baby at the Army hospital just minutes away. Room had come available, or had been made available, and finally someone understood that there was NO reason for me to drive 2 hours for appts and delivery if they can treat me locally.

When I had been feeling like all the closed doors were showing me to trust the Lord and continue with the 2 hour drive for medical care... a door opened and God showed me his mercy and love in yet another way. I have my first appt next week to confirm the details and am praying that it all goes smoothly.

My week progressed rapidly (hence not sharing this delightful news with you all sooner): grocery shopping, bible study/PWOC, meals for new moms, story hour, errands, lunch play dates with moms & kids, coffee with a friend, emails from old friends, baby news from others, homemade french onion soup, chicken piccata, and spicy chili... the list goes on, and you get the picture...

It's been a busy, wonderful week. And today, as my boy nap, dinner cooks in the crockpot, the snow falls, and I sit and type at the computer, I am so thankful and content for each moment and each day. Life, in all its business, and all its quietness, is such a gift. I marvel at where the Lord has brought me and all that He has done in my life, not just recently but in the years past.

Why do I doubt His love and provision? Why do I wonder, despair, or become anxious? Truly God is so faithful, he provides exceeding abundantly, above all we could ask or think. And He knows what's best. He knows how to answer our prayers. He knows how to provide for His people. He chastens. He disciplines. He purifies. He loves.

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Grandma said...

Praising God with you for His many blessings and mercies!


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