Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Appreciation is a wonderful thing. And today, I was appreciated in a very thoughtful way by my dear husband. He really is a romantic at heart and goes out of his way to do sweet things for me.

After getting the boys up and dressed this morning, we came downstairs for breakfast. I got the boys seated at the table and quickly fixed their cereal. When I pulled out the cereal box a note fell out of the cupboard.

When we finished breakfast, I opened the Bible Story Book (by Catherine Vos) and did morning devotions with the boys. As I was reading I noticed there was another book mark in the pages. It was another note.

After smiling my cheeks off at the thought of my dear husband, we went out on a brisk morning walk. Then I loaded the boys into the car, still smiling away, and we headed off to the commissary and did our grocery shopping for the week. Using our well planned menu and shopping list, I found some great deals/coupons on the things we needed and was also able to buy a few splurges (like some good quality cheese for fondue) too. Best of all, I was able to restock on all the fruits and veggies AND stay below our weekly grocery budget! Nice!

When we got home from the commissary (and the library for story hour and seeing Nick) I unpacked the car, made lunch, and started putting away groceries while the boys ate. When I opened the spice cupboard, I discovered another note at eye level.

So yes, today my husband showered me with thankful recognition and gratitude for the role I play in our home. He wanted me to know that he was thankful for all that I do each day... and while I think I already know how much he appreciates me, today he MADE SURE I knew.
Sometimes it seems the best thing we can do for a loved one is to make sure they know how much we care. It's easy to take them for granted... to not think about the work they do... or care about the challenges they face... or even to be too proud to say, "thank you" because they never say it back. But let's not be selfish. A little appreciation goes a long way. As my husband's did for me today. :) My face aches from smiling so much. :) :)

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The Eskestrands said...

isn't it great that we have married such wonderful men? just last week I opened my Bible study booklet as I was getting ready to lead our ladies Bible study, and out fell a little note of encouragement - I love it! Go Nick!


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