Monday, August 2, 2010


5 days till Nick comes home (I'm so excited!!)


5 more lbs to lose before he gets here. While I haven't been quite successful in losing the full ten pound goal, I'm halfway!! And that is wonderful!! I sure made a valiant effort too. Aside from the package of Oreo's that I devoured.

Oh, and the coffee cake (from Costco!) that's been staring me down all day.

My moments of weakness aside, I did exercise nearly every day, usually for about 45 minutes. I used a great Tae Bo work out series with resistance bands and can literally see the difference. I also breastfed my infant (burns 500 calories/day--isn't that awesome?? A mercy from the Lord in providing a natural post-pregnancy way to lose weight) and chased two little boys around for hours on end (200 calories/hour). With all that calorie burning, it seems like I should have lost 20lbs by now. But... weight loss couldn't be THAT easy, now could it?

But this whole challenge of mine got me thinking. How does one decide their "target" weight? Is it just a number that I like? A number I'm not ashamed of? A number that I like to see when I step on the scale?

Sometimes, I'm convinced that scales should be thrown away, and that I should judge my weight by asking myself a few questions and demanding a truthful answer.

Do I honor God with my life? Do I eat and drink to His glory?

Ah yes, a little soul searching may be more beneficial in assessing true health than all the scales in the world. And so I wonder...

if I can answer those questions appropriately and then be weighed in the balances, would I be found wanting?


Jess said...

What tae bo do you use? I've been doing yoga once a week which has been wonderful, but it'd be nice to have something to do at home too... other than the standard cardio!

Dolly said...

As always, you have such a godly perspective. I struggle with my scale too. I find that I'm most happy when I just fit into the clothes (size) I want to and don't worry about the weight. Five more days! Not long at all!

Kathryn said...

Jess, I used Billy Blanks Boot Camp Series and really enjoyed it. It uses kick-boxing, pilates, and yoga moves. The instructor is a little cheesy, but it sure worked wonders! Great cardio and muscle toning. I know the Pikes Peak library system has them, so you can borrow them from the library before you spend the money. :)


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