Monday, August 30, 2010


Lately my chore has been to do THIS:

And if you'll notice, that is a "power" mower... as in "use every bit of power in you" to mow the lawn. This is not one of those gas powered, horse powered, motorized lawn mowers, this is "by the sweat of my brow" lawn mowing!! This is, in fact, reel lawn mowing.
Let me tell you, its not for the faint at heart. While it may look easy, don't judge until you've given it a try. And... I better add, until you've given it a try on our 1/2 acre lot where the grass grows green and THICK. (this does not compare to Arizona or Colorado grass)
But before you think I'm complaining, I actually have to beg my husband to let me mow the lawn these days.
Crazy as it sounds, I love mowing the lawn. I like the exercise and the sense of accomplishment. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I love working hard and the taste of ice cold lemonade when I'm all done.
I also love helping my hubby out. Nick is so busy right now (he's the Commander for a new company) that keeping up with yard work is extra hard to squeeze into his overflowing schedule. What a practical and relatively simple way to show him my love!
Okay. So its not quite that selfless-- I love doing it and... if I'm honest, I'd rather mow the lawn myself, than share Nick with the lawn mower... or do I mean the lawnmower with Nick?

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