Thursday, August 26, 2010

Minute Maid Commercial

We enjoyed a lovely day at the local "Splash Pad." --one of those new fangled "spray parks" for kids, where all the play equipment is actually water equipment and you are ALLOWED to get soaked and mom doesn't even mind.

It was the perfect place to run off some energy without mom having to feel anxious about keeping 3 little boys afloat in a "real" pool. How does anyone do that, by the way?

The boys enjoyed these lovely juice boxes while we were there. After we got home, I couldn't help but notice, as I browsed through the pictures, that the boys hands were perfectly poised around the juice boxes so as to reveal the "100% Juice" each time I snapped a picture. How's that for free advertising??

And boy did that slightly frozen refreshing drink of 100% juice taste good!!

Perfect for little boys on a hot sunny day in the South.

While I'm advertising for Minute Maid, I might as well mention that I do so love their raspberry lemonade--full of high fructose corn syrup and the like, but still SO good, especially with fresh raspberries thrown in the bottom and a touch of club soda for a little bit of a kick. It's also terribly good with a shot of vodka and a squeeze of lime...but that's only for after the kids who-like-to-drink-out-of-my-glass are in bed for the night.


Anonymous said...

I remember getting swimming lessons. By the time the lessons were over I was trying to teach my little brothers... :)
That looks like a fun place to go and hang out, and the minute made refreshments makes it all the more fun and relaxing....aaaaaa :)

Lisa said...

love the lemonade with vodka idea. We'll have to try it out; we've been trying pina coladas and margaritas this summmer :)


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