Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Noah (4 months) is always talking these days. It is so sweet to hear him babble and squeal. I just love the baby noises and love to think of what Noah is really trying to "say." Apparently, Isaiah (3 yrs) does too.

The other day, while I'm working busily in the kitchen, Isaiah runs in and announces, "Mom! I think I need some glue!!"

Confused, I respond, "What??"

Isaiah explains further, "MOM, I really think I need some glue! Noah keeps yelling 'Glue-gluck! Glue gluey!' and I think he really means it!"
Ahhh!! Good thing Isaiah came to ask!! I'm so glad that I store the glue out of reach from all 3 boys... but I need to keep things like this in mind as Noah starts to "talk" more and the older two boys run to do his bidding. :)

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Anonymous said...

What sweet and caring boys you have! And absolutely ADORABLE!


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