Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Today is my Mom's birthday. I'll not say which birthday just in case the birthday girl wouldn't want that information out to all of blogdom. But... for the record, my mom is not old.

My mom is, however, a wonderful mom and has years of experience under her belt. I've learned a lot from her, and hope to keep learning. My mom has taught me a lot of things during my life, here's a few tidbits:

  • She taught me to crochet (yes!! I can crochet!! Someday you will all see proof!)
  • She taught me to bargain hunt (oh, yeah!! Back in the day this was something I hated, and was so embarrassed about, but now... wow!! The skills I've learned from her in this regard have blessed my family, my budget and my oh so money conscious husband time and time again).
  • She taught me to read and bestowed on me a love for books. And to this day, and till the day I die, I think I'll always love to read
  • She taught me how to "make a lot, out of a little"-- another one of those blessings of growing up in a big family. If there is anyone who can decorate a room, make a meal, or take professional pictures WITHOUT a lot to work with, it's my mom.
  • She taught me to keep smiling---my mom is always so cheerful and upbeat, and taught me to do the same.

As most of you know, my mom and I live on opposite sides of the country now, so sending birthday greetings is a little more challenging than it used to be. I can't even call her when I wake up in the morning because of the 3 hour time difference.

Yes, that would be one of the birthday phone calls you DON'T like to receive.

So anyway, knowing that my mom is very creative and crafty, I opted to exercise some of my own creativity and send my greetings via the grandsons. (score!!) During "school" last week, the boys and I cut, glued, and colored birthday cards for grandma. The cards may not be "Hallmark" quality, but they were made with love!!

And then I took this very clever video, and figured out how to post it on my blog. Go Kath!!

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Grandma said...

Now Grandma is all teary eyed. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and wonderful words. You are so precious to me! Even though we live far away from one another, you are always close to my heart. Love you!


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