Friday, July 30, 2010

Me and my baby

Typically my 3 little boys take afternoon naps. And typically they take their naps all at the same time.


I just had to repeat it.

It works out this way almost every afternoon, although Isaiah is just about past afternoon naps I think. But the Lord is so gracious in allowing me a little reprieve every afternoon. (Isn't it amazing how He cares for all those little details of our lives?) I use the 1-2 hours to do my devotions (if I didn't wake up early to do them) exercise, clean house, and dinner prep without little ones underfoot (literally!!)

But this afternoon, Noah woke up a bit earlier than the other boys, so we enjoyed some "mom and me" time together-- just talking, laughing, and smiling at each other. Oh, and I should mention there was a fair amount of kissing too.

Afterall, who can resist cheeks as cute as these??

1 comment:

Grandma said...

Sweet smiles! I love those chunky little arms Noah has, and those blue, blue eyes....just like his Mommy!


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