Friday, August 27, 2010

Cute to the core

Yesterday, I got all three boys in the bath.


I'm not quite sure how I managed it without getting soaked myself. But the older boys actually thought it was quite fun to have the baby in the bath with them.

And it was quite fun. Noah (4 mos) kicked and splashed in glee, while Isaiah(3yrs) and Joshua (2yrs) shouted, "He's swimming!!"

A photo op wasn't quite working while in the bath (bathing 3 boys three years and under requires both hands, even if your middle name is Supermom), so I made up for it afterwards and took these "cute to the core" pictures of the boys in their undies.

Now that's a super model pose, if I ever saw one!

Oh, the fat rolls on this "little" guy!

Don't you just love these poses? He looks so wistful!


Grandma said...

Yup! They are cute through and through. I love Noah's michelin man build, and all the fun poses. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words! Thanks for posting them, Kathryn.

Tettelestai said...

i just love those baby rolls!!! such a squishy baby!! i only had 2 like that, and boy do i miss it!

Gwen said...

PRECIOUS boys! What beautiful pictures Kathryn :)... they are all getting so big and even more handsome all the time! <3


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