Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons why I love my husband

  1. He's my husband!! Six years ago I said, "I do" and made a lifelong commitment to love and cherish my spouse. And that promise still means something to me...and so does my husband.
  2. He doesn't snore
  3. He helps around the house. No joke. This man can (and does) do laundry, scrub toilets, wash dishes, change diapers, cook breakfast, and everything in between. I'm so thankful.
  4. He runs like a gazelle. Not literally. But he is a marathon runner and a good one at that-- and I love his athleticism and strength.
  5. He leads our family in godliness
  6. He spoils me rotten. Now THAT is always a lovable character trait, is it not?
  7. He has the voice of an angel. Seriously. My husband is a former Glee Clubber and sings a strong tenor.
  8. He trusts me
  9. He loves reading
  10. He never thinks I look fat
  11. He's smarter than I am. Yes, that is a good thing!! I think a woman always needs to be able to look up and admire her husband.
  12. He is the best looking soldier I've ever seen. (And I'm not a bit biased either. *wink wink*)
  13. He works hard every day to bring home the bacon.
  14. He loves me too

I guess I got a little carried away there. Just 13 reasons today.

Just for fun, try Thirteen Thursday yourself!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that was very sweet! I can bet he'd have just as many nice things to say about you, too, (and also go over 13 while he was at it! :)

Kimberly said...

He cleans? Does he give lessons to other men?? He sounds like a catch!

Kathryn said...

He's definitely a catch. God has blessed me beyond measure. Thanks for reading and commenting, Friends!

Brenda ND said...

I hope you share this with your husband. He sounds like quite a special guy. Thanks.


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