Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear Nana,

I'm 4 years old now!!! I'm getting big just like my Daddy!!!

I got the birthday box you sent in the mail last week. Mommy helped me open the box and I was SO excited to see what was inside. I could barely wait to get the wrapping paper off.

I love the puzzle books so much! I counted them up, and there are ELEVEN puzzles total!! Mom said that doing all 11 puzzles at once might be too much fun, so we did one puzzle at a time. It was so fun!! I'm good at puzzles and if I ever get stuck, Mommy shows me how to do it.

Mommy seemed to like the puzzles a lot too. So...since it was my mom's birthday earlier this week, and I forgot to get her a gift... I thought I would do something really special and super fun. I waited until she was busy changing the baby's diaper and then I quickly and quietly took ALL the puzzles and ALL the pieces and mixed them up in a big pile.

And what a big pile it was!!! Cool!!

Then when Mom came back into the family room she was SO SURPRISED!! She kept saying, "My, oh my!!" At least I think that's what she was saying, a few times I thought I heard her say that she was going to paddle my bottom, but I think I just heard her wrong.

My mom said there must be a gazillion pieces on the floor now with all 11 puzzles mixed together. But don't worry, I reminded her not to exaggerate, because it was really only

6 puzzles with 48 pieces
4 puzzles with 24 pieces
1 puzzle with 50 pieces
11 puzzles with 434 pieces

And we all know 434 pieces is NOT a gazillion.

I helped Mom work on putting the puzzles back together for a while, but she kept saying, "This is just how I wanted to spend my day" so I let her finish them on her own. I was glad to let mom spend her time the way she likes.

She was really fast at putting the puzzles together, I think it only took her like, 2 hours or something to put the gazillion    434 pieces all in the right places. My mom had so much fun, I think she looked a bit crazy when she was done!!

Anyway... it was AWESOME!! Thanks for the puzzles, Nana!!

I love you!! And Papa too!!

Your 4 year old grandson,


P.S. Mom says I should mix the puzzles up for you sometime. Wouldn't that be cool?? Love you, Nana!!


Rachael said...

Ha, ha! Grandma's give the best gifts. At least they don't make noise, right? :)

Hannah, Julie, Colleen said...

oh so so funny! I'm going to send this to my mom to makes sure she reads it!

Kathryn said...

Glad you enjoyed this silly bit of writing. We all had a good laugh about the puzzle incident. (note that Nick laughed, but didn't help put the puzzles away!! Haha!!)
I'm getting more and more into my blog these days and enjoying doing fun little stories/writing styles like this one.


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