Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

As is frequently the case, my husband and I are working out some big (to us) issues in our home. It seems that no matter how many decisions we make, there are still more looming in the distance.

Who said life was easy, right? Actually, I don't know that anyone said it was easy, but Mama did say there'd be days like these. (go ahead and listen while you read!)

So here's the scoop for Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten {Tuesday}

Ten decisions we're in the middle of making

  1. How many kids should we have? Now that I fit back into my skinny jeans and we've settled not only into our new home, but also into having 3 children, the question has been on our minds: when should have the next one? (yes, I know that my youngest is not quite six months old!!) And when should we stop? What is "the" number? What is "the" reason? If you've been down this road recently, I'd be interested to hear your godly feedback.
  2. Where and Whether we should take vacation over the holidays--now that we live on the East Coast we have relatives that are much closer in proximity than our immediate families. So... do we visit our aunts and uncles? Or fly cross country to see grandma and grandpa?
  3. Could we, should we, take a vacation without the kids?
  4. Whether to buy new family room furniture now or wait till the boys are passed the "spilling/climbing/pulling on everything" phase? Okay, so this is really just an issue on my mind. My husband thinks the ratty, dirty, white chairs that we have in the family room are "just fine." :)
  5. Whether to home school our kids or not.
  6. What to cook for our dinner party on Friday. Oh, the possibilities!!
  7. Should I go back to work part time as a nurse? I'm so happy to be a stay at home mom right now, yet I admit that part of me yearns to be back in the hospital running a Code Blue and titrating drips. Am I crazy? When the other kids were born, I had always gone back (one day a week) to work by now so it feels strange to not have begun that transition.
  8. Whether or not to put our kids in sports at young ages. The Little Kicker club looks so perfect for the boys... but then if we start the sports obsession at ages 2 and 4, will that be a good thing? 
  9. Whether to discipline our 2 year old for "I didn't even try to make it to the potty in time" accidents.
  10. Did Mama really say there'd be days like these?

The list could go on. But inspite of all the decisions on our plates, there is still much to be thankful for.

For one, the BIGgest questions in life have already been answered because I know what my only comfort in life and in death is and who I will join myself to in marriage. And for two, it is such a comfort that God is sovereign and in control of all things!


jubilee said...

Yes! It is wonderful to know that God is in control. And yet He gives us freedom to make oh, so many decisions!

It does sound like you have a lot on your plate . . . the good news is that you don't have to decide on all of them at once, right?! :)

Dolly said...

1. I think you just know. I remember being in the hospital with number three feeling that post birth euphoria and thinking "this can't possibly be the last one." Not so with number four. I knew for a fact I was DONE.
3. YES! Its so worth it!
5. Take it a year at a time and evaluate each child and each situation differently. Avoid making sweeping statements like " I will NEVER homeschool, or we will ALWAYS homeschool."
6. Can I come?
8. Enjoy your schedule free days while they last. They disappear all too soon.
9. SO tricky! I think you just need to look at his heart. I wrestled with the same thing w/ Chandler but came to the conclusion that discipline was not effective with him in that particular situation.

Anna said...

I've been thinking about your #1 too. We picked a number out (on our own, no particular godly decision) and said if we have more then that's great. Now I'm wondering if my body can take having as many as we want. I'm trying to stop leaning on my own understanding and trusting Him with all aspects of my life. I'm very interested in the topic though, so if you find information on making that kind of decision please share. :)

Grandma said...

Those are lots of good questions! At this point, I am only going to give you a "little" input on number two. I think you should fly to see Grandpa and Grandma of course. They would absolutely love it, and so would various aunts and uncles, brother and sisters.... How about Thanksgiving???

Marbel said...

Great post. Big questions.

Re: Homeschooling. You could take it a year at a time. Kindy is a pretty low-risk year to homeschool. You can have a lot of fun and your child will learn a lot.


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