Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh where, oh where

has the time gone? Has it really been a week since I last posted? This is definitely not the way to grow a successful blog.

Which, in case you haven't gathered from my frequent attempts at blogging this last month, is my hope. Perhaps it's a bit crazy, but I must say that in the last month the number of hits has tripled, as have my followers. 

And yes, I know I only have 17 followers, one of which is me... haha...but you know, it's still progress! Tripling is still tripling, whether its from 6 to 18... or 300 to 900. And one thing I am continually reminded of is not to despise the day of small beginnings.

Which reminds me of a story... my oldest son turned 4 in September. Four years old. I can barely believe my baby, my child, my little one, is FOUR YEARS OLD. It seems like only yesterday... Does everyone do this now and then, whether over their job, their home or their loved one? And marvel at how the time has flown, how life has changed, how that day of small beginnings has now blossomed and grown to an intelligent, independent, four year old?

Oh where, oh where has the time gone?

So yesterday, my 4 year old, Isaiah, woke up first. As is my boys' morning habit, he came running to find me and said, "It's time for your morning hug, Mom!" Oh, isn't that sweetness in itself? While it happens this way nearly every morning, my eyes almost filled with tears. Mentally I flashed back to those sweet baby cooings and first toddler words and said:

"Oh, Isaiah, you are just getting so grown up! You remember everything! From morning hugs, to where I hid the spanking stick. And look at you, how big you are getting--you're almost as tall as Mommy and you can nearly knock me over with your big morning hug! You are just so big and strong! Oh, where did my little baby go?!?"

Isaiah quickly said, "I know where your baby went, Mom." And he grabbed my hand and went running into Noah's room. And said, "There he is, Mom!"

Now the tears were really welling up in my eyes. Yes. Noah is my baby now. You are my big boy, Isaiah. And I am so proud of you and the boy you have become. I will never ever underestimate the day of small beginnings... the day I first heard your newborn cries and saw your sweet baby face. You started out so small and needy, and look how responsible and intelligent you have become... in 4 short years.

Oh where, oh where has the time gone?


Rachael said...

Okay, now you're making me cry. Because my Isaac is going to be 3 at the end of this month and I've had those exact same thoughts. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button, just for a moment :)

Calvintage Jen said...

Very sweet. Time passes so quickly.


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