Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picture Perfect

As most parents of little boys know... it can be quite a challenge to get quality pictures where all the little boys are smiling AND looking at the camera. 

But the other day, as evidenced by the pictures below, I pretty much lucked out.

Especially considering that I shot the pictures on my own without a prop person standing behind me making goofy faces (otherwise known as Nick).

Stay tuned for the "matching shirt" pictures I'm hoping to take this weekend. And yes, that means just what you think-- I'm one of those mom's that loves matching outfits. A few weeks ago, I started the hunt, and found matching shirts (Thank you, Carter's Outlet Store and my dear husband for taking me there!!) in each of the boys sizes. Who says you can't play dress up if you have boys??

As a random side note, if you'd like to see the boys in matching outfits too, please feel free to send 5T, 3T and 12 month matchy-matchy clothes my way. :)


Rachael said...

Your boys are so cute! I can't wait to see the matching outfits. Any tips as to where you find matching stuff for your boys? I've tried, but either it costs to much or they don't have the right sizes. I did find some pj's they'll get for christmas that are the same. Can't wait to take pics of them in them.

Dave & Amy said...

These pictures bring back memories of the pictures your mom would take. The three of them remind me so much of Alex, Davey and Johny. =)

Kathryn said...

Rachael-- I found matching shirts at Carter's, they were kind of expensive though. But Target and Wal-mart also have the boys sizes (12 months up to 5T). I'm figuring that Isaiah is about to outgrow the matching clothes phase, so I better do it while I can. :)

Amy--as soon as you mentioned the pictures of my siblings, I knew EXACTLY what pictures/poses you were thinking of. Now I'm feeling nostalgic too! :)


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