Monday, October 4, 2010

A little Army pride

Just recently, we had the opportunity to see my husband's college football team play. And play they did. The United States Military Academy (USMA) football team is on fire this season!! Army's Black Knights played an awesome game-- much to the delight of my dear West Point graduate. Go Army!!

Before we headed to the stadium, I puzzled over how we could show some USMA pride at the game. I couldn't seem to find any appropriate paraphernalia in our closets for the boys, but then I came up with this brilliant plan:

 I can't tell you how many people smiled, laughed, and commented at my brilliance cleverness creativity my sweet little boys in their United States Military Academy t-shirts. The boys loved wearing their "special" t-shirts and loved it even more when someone patted them on the head and said, "Go, Army!"

Okay... so Nick and I liked it a little more than they did. It was so cute!!

The game was amazing. Army creamed their opponents, the boys behaved marvelously, and we didn't spend a penny (well... we didn't spend a penny on tickets, the icecream stand splurge cost a few (hundred) pennies, but it was well worth it).

Isaiah (4yrs) and Joshua (2 yrs) were delighted to watch all the fanfare, the cadets, the flags etc. While we watched the game, I felt a few twinges of emotion at the thought of them really joining ranks with Daddy and attending the most prestigious military academy in the world at West Point.

I think I'll cry for weeks if they ever join the military.

Hence my death grip on Isaiah in this picture:

On a lighter note...

I don't think I have to worry too much about my youngest joining up... he couldn't have cared less about the game or his Daddy being a USMA graduate.

 All he needed was a good place to lay his head.


Dolly said...

I can't get over that last picture! Hes like the Michelin Man!

good gravy said...

yeah you should paint him white and write michelin in blue on his chest


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