Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fat rolls

I was almost too embarrassed to post this picture. But then... I thought you all would enjoy marvelling at Noah's roundness!! :) Isn't this the one time in life when its cute to be chubby? And no one frowns or grimaces at big thighs or double chins?
At least, I hope you're not frowning and grimacing... :) Laughing is more like it, right?
I'm laughing too. What can I say, I LOVE the fat rolls! I can't keep myself from squeezing those thighs or kissing those round little cheeks. There is just something about chubby babies that is so precious to me.
Maybe its the fact that this little one is my own. :)


Grandma said...

I'm smiling. The "fat baby" stage is so cute. Before you know it Noah will be long and lean like your other men. Dear little Noah is just following in his brother's footsteps. They went thru the chubby stage too. Noah looks happy and content!

Jess said...

Oh my, that's awesome! He should be the poster child for breastmilk! :)

Alicia said...

What a healthy chubby baby!! So cute!!

Anonymous said...

he's beautiful! I can't wait to meet him :)

love you guys!


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