Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Street Sweepers

Mrs Street, a woman from our church, is in the hospital after the Dr's found cancer on her colon. She had surgery on Monday and is now beginning the recovery process. Abdominal surgeries can be the most painful and patients often spend a week in the hospital. We're been praying for her regularly.

Yesterday Nick went up to visit her after school/work and gave us an update when he got home. Then, at dinner, we remembered her in prayer. As Nick was asking Isaiah to pray for Mrs Street, the comical nature of raising little boys quickly surfaced:

Nick: "Isaiah, can you pray for Mrs Street tonight?"

Isaiah, obviously not quite hearing Nick correctly, responded:

"Sure, Daddy. Can I pray for the street sweepers too?"

Isaiah must have thought it was just a GREAT idea to pray for the street, after all, this is where the cars, trucks, fire engines drive! Why not pray for the street sweepers too?? Once we explained, he prayed for Mrs Street.

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