Friday, March 19, 2010


If only this picture meant that I've been spending my days with my feet up, sipping raspberry lemonade, and reading till my hearts content. As you guessed, it doesn't. But... I will say, that despite how busy things have been around here, and the great lack of sitting still for any length of time, this picture was taken of a happy occasion. Its proof. Proof that despite being 36 weeks pregnant and feeling huge, I'm still painting my own toe nails.
Thankfully, I'm still feeling quite well. Sure, I'm a bit uncomfortable at times, and my husband has noted that I do "waddle" on occasion, but overall I'm feeling great. The Lord has blessed me with very few side effects/symptoms during the last trimester, and here I am at 36 weeks with NO HEARTBURN and NO SWELLING in my ankles?!?!?! Wow!
I am ready for this little guys arrival though. The last month is always the hardest and feels the longest. On the plus side, I've been having lots of "pre-labor" contractions, sometimes for a few hours at regular intervals, and other times just single hard contractions that stop me in my tracks-- but as all pre-labor contractions they stopped and didn't produce a baby. I did deliver before my due date with both boys (Isaiah at 39 weeks, Joshua at 38 weeks), so we'll see if our third boy follows suit. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Regardless, my body is definitely getting ready. I'll be "full term" next week (37 weeks) and have the official go ahead (from a medical perspective) to have this baby.
Now... it'd be nice to think... that maybe after the baby arrives I'll get the chance to put my feet up and drink lemonade... but something tells me things are only going to get busier for a while. Afterall, we're having a baby, Nick's graduating, and we're moving cross country--- all before the summer arrives. But thats a good thing. And I love these sorts of things. Don't get me wrong, I love relaxing... but probably more so, I love challenges and hard work. It makes the down times so much more fulfilling.

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Dolly said...

To still be able to paint your own toes nails...what a feat! Ha. Pun totally intended! Glad you are doing so well.


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