Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh what a man

Yesterday, my husband came home from work with these:

and these:

(yes, those are Lindt truffles)

It was such a thoughtful thing for him to do. I was having a bit of an "off" day (just a few more pregnant weeks left!) was feeling unproductive and discouraged. Shouldn't I start nesting soon, and have all these spurts of energy and times of great productivity?? My husband's loving gesture and encouraging words were just what I needed.

In fact, today has been amazing! By God's grace

I woke up before the boys, felt completely rested and had time to pray and exercise in peace.

I cleaned the fridge, reorganized the freezer, made 2 lasagnas and cleaned the kitchen (twice).

I swept (twice), cleaned the spare bedroom and put fresh linens on the guest bed.

I updated my blog (yes, I think thats 4 new posts??), responded to long lost emails and mailed some important mail.

I prayed and did my devotions.

I played with the boys for hours and was able to take them outside (!!!) to play for the first time in a long time (it was 50 degrees out today!! Of course with the wind chill it was only 30, but oh well, the sun was shining!!)

All this to say, if you have the chance to do something thoughtful and considerate for another person, do it. It is one of the best feelings to know that you are loved. It lifts a mood. It makes your heart smile. It's the best.

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