Monday, March 8, 2010

Play place humor

Today was a gorgeous MO day! After running a million errands, the boys and I treated ourselves to chocolate sundaes at the park. When the boys had successfully donned the chocolate mustaches and sticky hands, they took off to play on the slides, swings and jungle gyms.

A little girl who was also playing at the park, became quite enamored with Joshua, and started following him around and pointing and saying, "Baby! Baby!"

Joshua, who is usually so easy going, and loves playing with kids at the park, said, "No! Not BABY!" and then pointed at himself and said emphatically, "JOSHUA!!!!" The little girls mom and I cracked up. Not only has the literal phase begun, but I guess there is nothing quite as insulting to a little "big boy" than to be called a baby. :) You tell them, Josh!! Afterall, you're right, you ARE Joshua!! :)


Grandma said...

That's telling her, Josh! And right you are, you ARE a big boy now! Grandma is looking forward to seeing you soon!

Jack said...

Looks kinda chilly out there.


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