Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Boy

My "baby" Joshua celebrated his 2nd birthday on February 21st.

Oh how fast they grow!

2 days old

2 years old

Indeed, how fast they grow! What an eventful 2 years its been! It's hard to believe that the sweet round cherub that came into the world 2 years ago, is now running and talking. It's amazing to see the changes in the course of a few years. His language and vocabulary are probably the most amazing of all. For being a quieter younger brother most of his life, in the last 3 months his vocabulary has multiplied by the hundreds. And all those words we knew he had in him, started coming out in sentences. Wow!!

A few other unique skills before he turned 2:

  • he learned how to count to 12 (without my (intentional) assistance!!)

  • he learned to pray (usually something like this, "Dear God, Thank-you food. Jesus. Daddy. Mommy. Isaiah. Joshua. Baby. In Jesus name, Amen")

  • he shredded apart his beloved yellow blanket and carries shards around the house

  • he discovered his pockets (and so far as not put anything ALIVE in them, but likes to hide favorite toys

  • he learned all his colors

  • he sleeps in a bunk bed

  • he can identify most of the letters of the Alphabet, with "W" being his personal favorite.

  • he can do his chores (clearing his plate from the table, cleaning up his toys, and throwing away dirty diapers)


Carl Crew said...

Kathryn, I found your blog through your e-mail! I am so thankful to have you as a new friend. What a precious boy your Joshua is. Looking forward to celebrating baby #3 today!

Ashley Carl

Dolly said...

Smart, smart little boy! And so cute too!

Grandma said...

He's adorable. And smart! Only a smart little 2 year old would know that "W" is the letter to love! Happy Birthday sweet little Joshua!

good gravy said...

wow he shredded his blanket, it looks like he's following after uncle Davy, next thing you know he'll tie it back together. :)


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