Monday, December 5, 2011

Like a Cherry on Top


My husband is doing something different this year. Something beautiful. Something wonderful. Something that shows he loves me… and that he wants to love me better all the time.

He knows I like gifts. And it being the holiday season, he hasn’t made me wait till the 25th to receive something special. That’s right. To date, I’ve received a little gift every day since Thanksgiving.

A bag of Lindt truffles. A Christmas CD (Michael Buble’). A package of bobby pins (that I’d been needing!!! LOVE how he picks up on all my hints).

And each gift?

It’s hand delivered with love and topped with a beautiful Christmas bow.

Truly, I’m just tickled to be spoiled with this amazing spoiling… but the bows? The brightly colored shiny bows? I love them. I love that he thought of them. That he bought the nice ones. That he wanted to go the extra mile (on top of the extra mile). Those bows, those beautiful glittering bows…they just make it that much more wonderful.

Like a cherry on top.

I am blessed. Oh how I love my man.


December Photo Project, Day 5


Alicia said...

You are blessed indeed!

Dolly said...

SO SO sweet. If your boys are going to be anything like their daddy, can we arrange a marriage? Olivia is three, so really she could work for any of your boys right? ;-)

Grace said...

What a blessing and how fun! and as for bobby pins..I always need more of those! :)

emily said...

this, and the Christmas tree light bokeh in your photo, makes me smile. :)

Tettelestai said...

What a sweet guy and what a GREAT picture!!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, how sweet!


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