Friday, December 2, 2011

Back in the Groove

She emerges at last!

Yes. Here I am! Alive and well. Happy and breathing. It’s been such a busy month.

But I didn’t emerge from homeschool lessons, piano practice, and errand running galore in order to tell you about my busy schedule. The real reason I’m here??

The December Photo Project with View from the Prairie Box. I just couldn’t resist the challenge. Last year, I took it on and snapped some great (and some terrible) pictures every day for the entire month of December. Now, a year later, a year wiser, a year more adept and more camera savvy, I’m ready to take it on again.

I think I really need the accountability of joining a group and taking on the pictures. Otherwise we might be destined to another month of haphazard blogging and rare picture taking.

It must be the way my husband feels about running. He loves running and puts down some real mileage each week, but he always is looking for the next marathon. Sure he’s competitive and wants to race for racing’s sake, but he also appreciates having a goal, something to shoot for, something to keep him from the same old same old, and pushing on to longer and faster and harder runs.

And I totally get that. And totally feel the same way. Accountability can make such a difference.

So here I am. The first photo’s for December. Yes. I’m a day late. And yes, I actually took these pictures this past weekend. But OH WELL. It’s hard to get going again after barely picking up my camera the last month. You should be proud of me.

And amazed that I took these pictures with the self timer on my camera. Can you believe it? Sure, not quite perfect, but the lighting, the smiles, the pictures overall are pretty. darn. awesome.





Oh I just love our sweet little family. And love that I have a new picture to put on the wall without a whole lot of effort. Nice.


Tettelestai said...

Aw, sweet pics!! hey the boys did great with a timer and a tripod! You are looking great for having had a baby 19mos ago!! Welcome back.

Andy and Amy said...

I love seeing your sweet family! Great job!

Callie Nicole said...

The pictures are so cute! You all look great!

Grace said...

You all look amazing! Wish we could have this luck with our did you get your boys to actually look at the camera and SMILE? Impossible here.


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