Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home again

Just a quick update after a few weeks of being absent! We made it home yesterday night after 1400 miles in the car on our way back from Nana and Papa's house. It was such a long trip, for those of you that have entertained little ones in the car for 20 + hours, you know just what I'm talking about. But the long trek on the road was worth it. We had so much fun!
We spent our time:
  • talking and catching up with relatives
  • looking through photo albums
  • making Christmas cards
  • drinking Starbucks
  • decorating Christmas cookies
  • refreshing morning walks (in the wonderful warm weather!!)
  • eating, eating, eating
  • laughing at Isaiah and Joshua's antics
  • and generally enjoying each others company

What a great trip!! We were spoiled rotten by Nick's family each and every day:

  • Nana never came home from Starbucks without a peppermint mocha for me.
  • My sister-in-laws provided more free babysitting than I've ever received
  • The boys were showered with love and attention by each and every relative
  • I relaxed and did things like making cards and baking pies without distraction
  • We came home with a car full of gifts
  • Megan even CLEANED our room and made our beds one day while we were out!!

To add to the spoiling, we came home tired, hungry and cold (it had just started snowing as we pulled in) to find a warm cheery house waiting for us. Nick had taken care of everything while we were gone. (As a side note, Nick was able to fly out for Thanksgiving, but had to head home for work on Monday).

  • he planned the menu and did the grocery shopping
  • he completed a huge "honey-do" list
  • he cooked dinner (and baked COOKIES!!!) that were hot and ready for us as we came in the door
  • he vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the entire house (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • he paid the bills, did the filing
  • pulled out the Christmas tree and decorations and...
  • had Christmas presents wrapped and ready to be put under the tree

On top of all Nick had done, we also were thrilled to see many Christmas newsletters and cards from friends, and best of all, a box from Grandma with all kinds of goodies (e.g. maternity clothes (yes!!) and toys)

And now... back to business. Being spoiled rotten for two weeks has repercussions:

  • 500+ emails to go through, respond to, and delete
  • mail, ads and coupons to look over
  • unpacking
  • laundry (!!!!!)
  • Christmas decorations and gift wrapping
  • baby shower planning (tomorrow!!)
  • and lots and lots of detail work, phone calls to make, letters to write etc etc

So yes, being spoiled has its downsides, but I'll take what I can get! What fun!! :)

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Hannah said...

It was so nice to have you and the family with us this Thanksgiving! And about Nick spoiling you, I'm taking notes, he sets the bar high! Love ya!


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