Thursday, November 5, 2009

Words of wisdom

My dear son, Isaiah, is full of words of wisdom. As a mom who likes to remember sweet little things, I'll share a few conversational tidbits so as not to forget these one liners.

----This morning at 6am, Isaiah bursts into our bedroom and says with delight and mischief, "Wake up, Fisherman Pig!!!" For those of you that are not familar with this line, it is from Richard Scarry's Busy Town book, where you see Fisherman Pig napping in a boat (when he is presumably supposed to be working, i.e. fishing).

----Around 10am, Isaiah comes up to me, and whispers, "Mom... I'm just crazy about you!!"

----Before lunch, I overhear a conversation between Isaiah and his younger brother, "Josh, our hearts must be changed before we can believe in Jesus and go to heaven." This of course brought a smile to my face, as it is a direct quote from the Children's Catechism that we work on every morning at breakfast.

----After dinner, Isaiah needed to go to the bathroom. On his way across the living room to the bathroom, he started strutting with a very manly swagger and informed us in a deep voice, "I'm a MAN!!"

----Later this evening, at bedtime, Isaiah was getting ready to pray. He said, "Mom, can I pray for the soldiers at Ft Hood in the 'mist' of this tragedy?" Earlier this afternoon, when we first heard about the shootings, Isaiah and I prayed for the safety and protection of the soldiers and families. Obviously it stuck with him.

This is not an exhaustive account, but just a few tidbits from our day. Priceless. I'm proud of my little boy.


Andy and Amy said...

What a cutie! He sure is growing up quickly. Love it when they quote the catechism. Sometimes it seems like it isn't sinking in, and then you hear a comment like that and you know the Holy Spirit is at work. Precious.

Grandma said...

I am glad you are writing down some of the cute things your boys say. I remember just a few of the things you said when you were little and wish I had written more down. How quickly the years go by, and how precious it is to remember the things those sweet little voices said.

Jay said...

My sweet little nephews!


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