Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Shoes

Today I went shoe shopping for my two little cherubs and landed a great deal.

I found these cute "sports" Carter's shoes on the clearance rack for 50% off. What a steal!!! To make things even better, they had a pair in each of my kids sizes!! Yes!!

(Joshua proudly modeled the shoes for me)

Perhaps even better than finding a bargain, was the looks on my sons faces when we all discovered that these were the "cool" shoes that light up when you walk in them. The boys didn't know shoes could be so AMAZING. When we got home, the boys both put on their shoes and ran around. Literally. They ran around and around, stomping and jumping and dancing in these new fancy shoes. While they ran, skipped and hopped, they also tried desperately to look at their feet in order to see the lights flashing. I couldn't help but laugh a few times as I saw them be so absorbed in watching their shoes so as to not watch where they were going.
Despite the fact that it was quite amusing to see the boys bang into furniture and each other as they focused on their feet, I couldn't help but thing how analogous the situation was to our human natures and our Christian walk. Isn't that the way life is? We get so caught up and mesmerized by new things, new toys, new friends that we often lose sight of where we are headed? We take our eyes of the One who gives us these blessings, and instead become caught up in the blessings themselves? Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

How adorable!

I defintely took to heart those words of wisdom. My biggest struggle is my desire for new un-needed things, knowing that they will not bring me the Joy I find in Christ.

thanks Kathryn :)

Dave said...

Those shoe are pimping :D jk


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