Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing at the park

Today was one of those crisp autumn days; a definite chill in the air, but the sun still shown brightly and provided some warmth. It would have been THE perfect fall day if the leaves had started turning color. A few more weeks and I'm sure we'll be there. Right now, I'll enjoy the beauty of green-- everything looks so vibrant and alive. It is stunning.

On this beautiful fall morning we met up with some friends (another Army wife and her young son) and did our customary 2.6 mile walk around the park. We've been meeting regularly throughout the summer and have become great walking partners. It's nice to be able to enjoy the fellowship of a good friend while also getting some fresh air and exercise--- what a GREAT combination!! The boys enjoy the stroller ride (for the most part) and especially the play time at the park to follow. (Our walks in the neighborhood are not so much fun, and don't include play equipment and friends). I know the weather won't allow it for too much longer, so I'm very thankful to let them run around and enjoy life outside.

Playing in the grass

Contemplating life

Sitting on the bench and trying to say cheese (at the same time)

Standing on the bench and making things tricky for the camera woman

Isaiah saying "cheese" while Joshua stares adoringly at his big brother
* please ignore the fact that my children's matching sweatshirts are getting too small. I am a sucker for matching clothes, so I think I'll put them in these red sweatshirts until I can't zip them up anymore!! :)

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Anonymous said...

How precious! Thanks for the pictures and I'm so happy that you have someone to enjoy your walks with!

Give those boys a hug for me :)


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