Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modern Technology

Today is the first time Nick and I will be apart since his last deployment. I was feeling like it wasn't too big a deal, after all, I managed for 15 months, I think I should be able to handle 48 hours! His trip sounded low key too, with no dangerous or hazardous situations. But... when we hugged and kissed goodbye this morning, I still switched into combat mode and said, "Call me whenever you can, okay?" And Nick being the great Army husband that he is (who knows his wife would rather be woken up at 3am to be told he's okay, than not to hear from him at all) said, "I will, Dear. I'll be bringing my cell phone" So I drifted back to sleep (he left EARLY!!), contented and relaxed knowing that he'd call when he could, and better yet, I could call HIM if I needed!! Oh modern technology, how I love you!!

But when I came downstairs for breakfast a few hours later, I saw a sad sight: there was his cell phone (which had been charging last night) resting quietly and unaware on the kitchen counter. So I guess we are back to "combat mode" this weekend, and I'll be expecting a call from a staticky pay phone and his voice on the line, "Hi Dear, it's me... sorry I didn't call sooner"

However, there is always a bright spot in every twist and trial-- God has a PLAN! And perhaps this weekend it is to teach me to trust and wait patiently on Him...and not modern technology!!!


Rachael said...

We will be praying for him that he has a safe trip and returns home to you safe and sound. May God be with him as he travels and may you have peace that God is in control of all things. Take care!

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers.
I love you Kathryn :)


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