Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh so sweet

My morning started out quite hectic.

Boys up at the crack of dawn (literally in the 6 o'clock hour).

Spilled milk and cereal at breakfast.

Dirty dishes in sink.

Then out for a quick walk/run through neighborhood.

Directly into car after exercise.

Off to run errands.

Then to the commissary. Longest lines ever. Apparently pay-day equals long lines (do that many people really live pay check to pay check?? Wow!!).
Cranky kids while waiting in line.

Rushing to get to story hour on time.

Running late.

No parking at the library.



Arg! Still no parking.

3rd circle.

See a soldier standing in front of library holding Starbucks.

Soldier approaches vehicle.

Realize that soldier is none other than Captain Daddy!!

Daddy hands Mommy the Starbucks treat.

Unbuckles boys and brings them into story hour.

I drink an iced coffee and get a few minutes of quiet while parking the car a mile away. But better than the Starbucks or the peace and quiet... I have an amazing husband who is always thinking of me. He got out of class early, and instead of doing his own thing, he drives to the only Starbucks in town, buys my favorite drink, and meets me at story hour. Yep, he's a keeper. :)


Anonymous said...

You deserve every bit of that! I'm so proud of him! Lol!

Rachael said...

That was very sweet of him - what a nice husband you have to think of his wife that way.

Hannah said...

I love it!! You deserve it!

Grandma said...

I always knew Nick was a sweetheart!


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