Friday, January 2, 2009

Road trip

For Christmas this year we headed off to Nana and Papa's on a long road trip. Long is a relative term. A term I use to describe a length of time that is greater than what my two little boys can endure without difficulty. Like a long wait in the check out line, or a long sermon, or in this case a long car ride.

Its funny that I preface this story with that description, because really and truly this long road trip went incredibly well. We had 831 miles to cover between our house and theirs, and the goal was to do it all in one day.

Being a goal oriented person, I was quite determined to complete the trip in one day To break it up into 2 days would seem to prolong the agony so to speak.
So... the plan was to leave at 0600 with the hope that the boys would sleep for the first few hours of the drive. I made sure to load the car, get gas, and have everything ready so that in the morning, all we needed to do was get the boys out of bed, and buckle them into the car. No getting them dressed or feeding them breakfast, they were just supposed to make their carseats a new bed and SLEEP!!
Of course, the boys had other plans. Isaiah always knows when something is up, when I wake him up early and put him in the car in his jammies. Sometimes it means going to a friends house, and other times it means a doctors appt before the office gets busy. Either way, he somehow knows that getting up early means something "exciting" is happening. So, before the sun was even up, Hannah (my trusty sister-in-law who flew in to help me on this road trip) and I listened to a two year olds verbal train of thought and questions:
1) Road trip to Nana, Papa's?
2) Don't crash, Mommy.
3) Trucks, trucks, trucks on the long long road (this is the title of a library book that we read often)
4) Hannah coming with us?
5) Woooooh!!! (when Mommy turns the corner)
6) "Uh oh, I dropped it"

Isaiah was content to play toys and read books, eat snacks and occasionally play at a McDonalds PlayLand. Both he and Joshua were amazingly content to sit and watch the trucks go by. There were of course, some tense moments, especially on the way back home, about 40 minutes from reaching the house, both boys lost it completely, and just cried, and cried, and cried. Hannah and I were about ready to join them, and I think that we both thought about stopping at a hotel for the night even though we only had 45 miles to go.
All in all it was a great trip. I think the fact that Hannah and I are still friends after 16 hours in the car together, is proof that it went really well. :) In fact, I believe that Hannah and I are better friends, kindred spirits, and much more patient people than before the trip...

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