Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shop till I drop

Today Marcie, Isaiah, Joshua and I went to the mall! I officially reached my pre-pregnancy weight and I was able to convince Nick that a shopping spree was in order. :) It wasn't hard to win him over, as he loves for me to do nice things for myself. And I like to do nice things for myself too, only it seems that I just don't do it very often. Especially when it comes to buying new clothes. I do love to have new things, but I'm such a bargain hunter that I typically just buy things off the clearance rack or garage sales or thrift stores. While it is great to shop the sales (and I do LOVE a good sale), today I went shopping just to get what I wanted. No limiting myself to clearance racks. It was great! Kind of scary, but great. When is the last time I bought an article of clothing merely because it fit and I liked it??? I, of course, did keep track of my spending and stayed within the determined budget, but it was very exciting to buy some new things without humming and hawing over the fact that they weren't on sale.
The boys made the shopping trip even more "exciting," although I should say that pushing the double stroller between racks and shelves was an adventure in itself. The boys did cut the trip a little shorter than I would have liked, but oh well, that means we'll have to go again... :)

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The Eskestrands said...

oh yeah! gotta love new clothes! way to go at getting back to the pre-preg weight! my goal is by Thanksgiving....6 lbs to go, I think I can do it!!


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