Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lord's good gift

Joshua 7 months

Isaiah 2 years

Last night as I was singing Isaiah's bedtime song, from Psalm 127, I felt a bit teary as I got to the verse that says "Lo, children are the Lord's good gift, rich payment are mens son's..." My boys are my good gift from the Lord, and what a precious gift they are! Raising them presents many challenges and frustrations, and there are days when I feel ready to give up, but I am reminded of the Lord's promises every evening when I sing with them before bed...

Psalm 127A
Except the Lord shall build the house, the builders lose their pain
Except the Lord the city keep, the watchmen watch in vain
Tis vain for you to rise be times, or late from rest to keep
To eat the bread of toil, for so he gives his loved ones sleep.
Lo, children are the Lord's good gift, rich payment are mens' son's
The sons of youth as arrows are in hands of might ones.
Who has his quiver filled with these, oh happy shall he be!
When foes they greet within the gate, they shall from shame be free.

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