Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making "yunch"

While his dear mother was changing sheets, making beds, folding laundry and cleaning bathrooms upstairs, Isaiah was busy preparing a meal of lint covered goldfish in the kitchen downstairs. I always know that when the house gets quiet, there could be trouble lurking around the corner. This time, I was pleasantly surprised to come into the kitchen to discover that is was just Isaiah "make-in yunch, Mom." He looked so pleased with himself, sorting and collecting goldfish crackers. What fun it is to feel like a big kid, and be hard at work helping your mom do something she dreads. Oh how I love my little Isaiah. What a treasure he is, and what happiness he brings to my life. I love you Isaiah!


Rachael said... cute! I bet those were the best goldfish you ever tasted. :)

Grandma said...

I hope Isaiah will make me some yunch when I visit. I can hardly wait!!

cj said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing your site with us. I think it is fun to get to know your friends better through this avenue. Even though we live in the same city, there is a lot going on in your home that we wouldn't know about otherwise.


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