Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pots n pans

I’m beginning to wonder when the pots n pans stage will end for my Noah (11 months). The cabinet that houses my stainless steel Scanpans has been emptied on a daily basis for quite some time now.

Shortly after he learned to crawl, Noah would make his way into the kitchen and work to empty the cupboards-- and then crash the pots and pans together... with looks of glee, of course.

Can’t you just about hear the metal on metal banging and clanging? Pure music to your ears, right?


Over the months Noah’s skills have developed, so now he not only empties the cabinet and smashes and crashes pots together for sound effects, but he’s also able to get in there and get it done before I can catch him.



Part of me says, “Oh, that little rascal! When will this end!!” And the other part of me just melts. I love that sweet little “look-how-fast-and-amazing-I-am!” look.

It get’s me every time. And so, as it always happens when I don’t nip things in the bud, I make the pots and pans phase last just a little longer.


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I like to tease my Princess that if she wasn't so cute we'd probably have spanked her more ;)

It is hard to get after them when they are so darn cute.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

That is adorable! I love the look on his face. I guess in the grand scheme of naughty behaviors a little pan symphony isn't so wretched ;D

Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
You can come and empty my pots and pans cupboards any time you want. I have drawers full of lids too.

Dawn said...

He's got the sweetest little expression on his face. :) Pots and pans are just too much fun to play with!

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Oh wow...look at that sweet little face! Ahhh he's such a doll :) Mine have outgrown the Pots n Pans stage, where they got into and took everyone of them out of the cabinets almost everyday. At the time I'd get annoyed, yet a bit charmed by it all....and now...I wish for those days back! They grow, and the most of mine are making food with the pots n pans instead of getting into them for fun!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower :)

good gravy said...

i just love how the snot dribbles down from his nose, haha :P


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