Friday, April 1, 2011


Isn't it pretty?

The new blog header I'm sporting, I mean.

I've been trying to update my blog for months; fiddling with more photo editing and design programs than I can count. Despite the time I put into it, I just didn't like anything I came up with.

And truth is, you wouldn't have either.

In the midst of my struggles, a light bulb went off and I remembered that I have a dear sister-in- law who happens to be a graphic designer... and a darn good one at that. I'm so glad she was happy to help me out... and so glad I didn't embarrass myself and post one of the extremely lame looking headers I created.

Hannah, thank you for this beautiful header and for taking the time to help me out. And thanks for not laughing hysterically at my cheesy attempts at blog design masterpieces. You are wonderful.


Tettelestai said...

that IS very classy!! and since blue happens to be my favorite color, i happen to LOVE your new layout!! well done!! and i know all about getting bogged down. there is so much stuff out there!!!

Sgt Zapple said...

Very lovely header. I love it.

Hannah said...

You are very welcome, it was my pleasure!! :-)

Tettelestai said...

soooo... does she do other custom work?? just, i mean asking???? ;-)

Rach said...

Aww, she did a great job! It looks fabulous!


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