Thursday, March 10, 2011


I spent the last week detoxing.

Truly. I did.

My computer caught a virus and landed itself in the repair shop. So this past week entailed: no email, no blogging, no Facebook, no local or national news, no Microsoft Office, no nothing.

At first the withdrawal symptoms hit me quite hard, but once they had calmed, the computer detox was so cleansing.

Without my number one time user (dare, I say time waster?) in the house, I really think I was a better mom, a better wife, a better housekeeper...  not to mention a better phone caller, mail sorter, exerciser, discipliner, errand runner, and perhaps even a more diligent follower of Christ.


But, come on! Can the computer really be that bad?  Could its flashing blue light and peaceful hum really be so sinful?

Well, let me tell you, this week was way more convicting than that. Once I realized how much I could get done in a day without the distraction of the computer, the Holy Spirit further revealed the crux of the matter. It's not the computer. Really. It's not the computers fault. It's mine.

Don't we so often blame modern technology? Or our cars, commutes, or other people? Our circumstances? For sucking away all our free time? When really, it's not the computer that uses/wastes my time. It's me. KATHRYN. I'm the one that wastes my time. I'm the one that chooses to use spare moments for a quick Swagbucks search. Or a browse through Google Reader. Or a few moments on Facebook Scrabble. I do it. I choose it.

While none of those things are inherently wrong, (and I apologize to all those who sent emails, asked about upcoming Army events, or were waiting for information while my computer was being repaired), boy, part of me thinks my computer could have used a whole extra month in the repair shop. Without it, my days have been so much better. So much brighter. Even so much happier. My spare moments were used for things that really matter, like consistent discipline, a quiet prayer, a snuggle, not to mention a whole ton of little projects that I'd been putting off because "I just didn't have time."


This is not a farewell message to all my Internet colleagues. My home computer is a needed device. It is not only my connection with the outside world,  but also my means for driving directions, banking, news, weather, cooking tips, email, and maintaining friendships far and wide. But as I said, it's not really about the computer. It's about me. It's about being a good steward of my time and living each moment to the fullest, and living each one for Christ.


Bill & Glory said...

Amen and *OUCH*! I can relate to this post so much more than you could psosibly know. Thanks for your honesty and courage in sharing this.

If you hear of a good online C.A.A. (computer addicts annonymous) group, let me know...wait, I said online, huh?


Sergeant Zapple said...

I agree. I was doing so good with getting up early, doing my computer work, and then DONE. I would get back on to do school and a little google reader but wasn't chained to it finishing banking, blogging, emailing, skyping, etc. I had already done that. But since the trip, the 2 week sickness, and everything else that threw me off I have been so bad too. I will try harder starting tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

Rach said...

There is so so so much truth in this!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i think we all can relate to this. it's just about setting a time limit and sticking to it. the computer is a great way to spread the gospel and to be a witness to others. if it is used properly!

love to you today my friend!

Grace said...

My sister and I have spent so much time discussing this very's a blessing but can so easily become almost an idol and HUGE waste of time. So often my day is far more productive when I do not blog, I do not surf the internet...etc, etc. There is a healthy balance I am sure, I still am trying to figure that out! Thanks for the honesty:)

Tettelestai said...

i am having the same struggle. i have been trying to get our website done, coding everything, and then i justify it all by saying that grades and such need to be done on the computer as well. but last week, my son made it through the fog when i heard him mutter as he walked away "never mind, you NEVER listen when you are on that thing."

so i took some sage advice and set a timer. i also only do my blogging or hunting during a certain time of the day only. my laundry is now caught up and my little guys each got a story read to them and snuggle time this week. that feels great!!! i love your openness and your honesty!! it is so refreshing and sweet to know that i have 'sisters' struggling along side me!


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