Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My husband and I have been talking about schooling our children for years now.

Christian School
Public School


But, it was only recently, that we discovered that the above topics were only PART of the school discussion.


Oh, the number of topics that flow from the thoughts of schooling!! How does it all fit in and how does one decide?

How did you decide? Was it a financial decision? A "gut feeling" decision? A sanity decision?

And the BIG question, do you still feel confident about your decision?

I admit that I'm feeling more and more confident about our decision *I think* but I still have moments when I think I'm crazy, that it will never work, and that my children will be idiots.



Sergeant Zapple said...

Well I knew I wanted to homeschool so it was a question of finding something we agreed on and paying for it. We both agreed on classical and on the advice of my sister I picked a curriculum early that I wanted them to grow into eventually and stay with for a long time. How you administer the schooling is what saves your sanity I think. Also, like newborns, it changes every few weeks, even days as you discover what works and what doesn't. We also chose to do year round schooling. It works better with military life I think. When he is off, they can be off which doesn't always follow a traditional school schedule. You will do great.

Tettelestai said...

that is a hard one, really. i was totally against homeschooling our kids, my hubby was 100% for it. what got my attention was the whole 'testing process' that our oldest had to go through to attend K in the Louisville KY area. his 'grade' would determine whether he was elligible for a magnet school, which public school... and the kicker was their take in his energy level. they just could 'tell' he was ADD and wanted to talk about medication.

that was a no-go for me. i started the HS process, using a curriculum with training wheels. we did maybe 10min a day at first, getting him to sit still or care beyond that was so hard.

now, i love it, i make up my own curriculum, and i keep my ear to the local teachers to find out how my kids stand. we do the annual testing to keep up nationally, or see how we are doing. i also prefer structure (my oldest needs structure) but we adapt our day and our week according to life. i am impulsive and like to do things on the fly, so we make sure that mommy can do that once in a while.

but you guys have to make that call for yourselves. cbd.com has great sales and offers free shipping on HS books at times. i use covenanthome.com as my backbone. i love them, but they are pricy after 1 child. Beth H at your church is a great life line. i asked her so many questions, she probably got sick of me, but i admire her SO MUCH!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the feedback, Girls! I keep asking Beth questions too. :) I'm so thankful for different homeschooling women, who've had great success and have lots of wisdom to share with others. I myself, was actually homeschooled, but I graduated high school 11 years ago, so alot has changed.

His bondservant said...

I did not want to homeschool at first. But after much prayer, knew that is what God had called me to do. I have been doing it now for a little over 15 years and I would not change it for anything. Does that mean it is easy? Absolutely not. But, nothing worth doing usually is. I have found that I homeschool not so much because of academics...although that is important. I homeschool for the chance to disciple my children and train them in the ways of the Lord. I can have an academically gifted child, but if they do not love the Lord in the end...what profit will it be? I love being able to teach and to disciple my children. Just keep praying and the Lord will give you the right answer for your family.



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